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10 Things to Consider when Choosing Your Perfect Home

When it comes to searching for that dream home, we often get carried away with aesthetics and first impressions. But here are some basic, and often overlooked, things you should also consider before finally making your choice.

  1. The price. Most times the price of the house or apartment is not exactly the same as what you were looking for, it may be lower or higher, but take into account your maximum limit.
  2. The cost of the house or apartment. This is not the same as the price. Will you have to pay monthly maintenance? How much and what does it include? Is it in a flood zone that requires additional insurance? Is there any other regular expense associated with the property such as a residents’ association membership, security, etc?
  3. The space. Think in the present, and in the future. Your purchase should not be made with the thought of reselling it in one or two years. To get the best economic benefits you must wait a while, therefore, make sure that the house has the minimum space you need now, and will need in the near future.
  4. Distribution. Sometimes it is not the size but the distribution of space that makes a buyer fall in love with a house or apartment. Think about what is the first thing you see when you open the door. Is the master bedroom too isolated from the children's room? Are the rooms very small? Do you have to go through the kitchen to get to other rooms?
  5. If there is enough space for your furniture. Take a measuring tape with you to take measurements if you have doubts. Usually you will take your furniture to the new house or apartment, and it is a bad indicator if you have to leave some of it because there is not enough space. Remember that it will be your permanent home for a good time, if you love it, but nothing fits, keep looking at alternatives.
  6. How the house or apartment looks. Does it look solid, like new, or worn? Evaluate the mandatory repairs that you will have to do, and the potential cost.
  7. If you have storage space. If you have moved several times you will have been surprised by the number of things that you can accumulate, quite quickly. It is best to have enough space to store what you do not use. Otherwise, you will feel like your space is getting smaller and smaller.
  8. Inspect it. Perform a preliminary, non-professional inspection. It is vital to have a professional opinion, but when you have not yet decided on a home, doing a professional survey is very expensive. Therefore, use your criteria when you first look at a house or apartment, and when you decide to buy, hire a professional surveyor.

Firstly, how does the roof look to the naked eye? Are there leaks or cracks in the walls? What is the condition of flooring? Are any pipes broken? How do the electrical installations look? Make sure to inspect the patio, the doors, windows, bathrooms and kitchen cabinets, among others.

  1. Making comparisons. When buying housing, always be guided by the price per square metre, so you can make direct comparisons based on price and space.
  2. Are you financially prepared? It is easy to get carried away looking at property to buy, but before making your final decision, ensure that you are are fully prepared financially for the commitment of purchasing your dream property. Seek expert advice from a local Mortgage Broker in the area to access the best deals available, based on your own financial circumstances.
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